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Rummy Card Game Basics

Rummy is dubbed as the the 3rd world’s most played and popular card game, is played all over the world, with variations from the original rummy game depending on which part of the world you’re in. Known a game of strategy over than skill, individuals enjoy playing the rummy card game ranging from just the fun of it, to the madness of betting on it, generally money, much like poker.

The rummy card game, according to David Parlett (The Penguin Book of Card Games, 1978), traces its beginnings from the Mexican game of Conquian, which in turn, derives its roots to the Chinese games Khanhoo and the even old game of Mahjong.

Differences regarding gameplay and rules abound with the rummy card game. However, the group of rummy card games essentially has the same feature; to make card combinations known as meld three cards of a similar suit in a sequence. A player is given a number of cards, depending on the rummy card game differences, and tries to make melds by getting from the a pile of cards that was not dealt, or the stock pile. The drawn card may be held by the player, and another card should be discarded or “thrown” by the player to the discard pile. Once a meld has been developed, the player has the option to lay down the cards. But for the sake of strategy, a player can hold on to the meld in order to declare “Rummy” as the game goes go on.

A player may also choose to “lay-off” cards to a meld that was put down down by another player. For example, a meld of the same suit of 3, 4 and 5 was laid down, the player taking his turn can add to that meld with his existing cards on hand by laying off 2 or 6 of the same suit to the existing meld.

The game ends depending on what type of the rummy card game is being played. Generally, game ends if a player has gotten off of all their cards and declares “Rummy” or wins by getting the top score.

Whatever kind of the rummy card game one is playing, it makes for a non-stop game of wit and strategy. One inappropriate move, undeclared melds, careless mistakes, these are sure fire ways a player may either go home to lick their wounds or come home to the wife with a thinner wallet. So are we ready to play?

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